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Debra Lewis

Former Mayor and Council Member Dana Point

Debra Lewis Endorses Markus Lenger for South Coast Water District. “At a time when South Coast Water District is debating having its rate payers finance expensive and untested desalination technology, no candidate is better educated or more knowledgeable to make that decision than Dr. Markus Lenger. He has spent 30 years in the field, chairs a federally appointed task force for water reuse and is a well known expert in water efficiency. Markus’ dedication to his Capistrano Beach community is equally well known. Markus will be a thoughtful decision maker and asset to every South Coast Water District customer, and I am proud to endorse him.”

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Toni Nelson

Founder Capo Cares

Toni Nelson endorses Markus Lenger for South Coast Water District. "Markus Lenger is a well known Capistrano Beach resident who has a successful 30-year career in water, wastewater and sustainable technology. As a SCWD director Markus will bring a fresh, independent, and science-based approach to waste and water management, helping to develop thoughtful, common sense solutions that protect the environment, our vital water supply and ratepayers’ pocketbooks."

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Pete DeMarco

Executive Vice President of Advocacy and Research, The IAPMO Group

Pete DeMarco endorses Markus Lenger for South Coast Water District. "I’ve worked with Dr. Markus Lenger for over 10 years in my capacity as Executive Vice President of Advocacy and Research for the IAPMO Group. IAPMO (International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials) is the developer of the Uniform Plumbing Code and the WE-Stand Water Efficiency and Sanitation standard. He is a highly-respected contributor to the IAPMO Group and a repeat presenter, by popular demand, at the Emerging Water Technology Symposium. Markus is a true visionary in the areas of water efficiency, water reuse and water quality. His election to the South Coast Water District will be a huge asset to the District. Feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this endorsement."

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E W. Bob Boulware, PE, MBA

Past National President, American Rainwater Catchment Association ( Principal Author ARCSA/ASPE/ANSI Standard 63 – Rainwater Catchment Contributing Author ARCSA / ASPE/ ANSI Standard 78 – Beneficial use of Stormwater.

EW. Bob Boulware endorses Markus Lenger for South Coast Water District. "Water is fast becoming the new urgency of the decade which necessitates the involvement of knowledgeable professionals to provide the answers for these vital issues. I have known Dr. Lenger for over 10 years, as a fellow participant on the IAPMO Green Technology committee that introduced new water conservation measures to the plumbing codes, and as a contributor to American National Standards that provided safe design standards for alternative water sources. His level-headed, common-sense approach to water issues, that utilize cost effective, high and low technology solutions with great success as an alternative to expensive, untried technology, can be relied upon to properly represent the members of the South Coast Water District."